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Card enhancers now also with girocard-module

RS 56xx – with additional top-up function
The RS 56xx series impresses with its intuitive handling. The large touchscreen makes it child’s play to operate the card machine in self-service mode. Users benefit from the logical menu navigation.
In addition, the card vending machines can be adapted to different needs thanks to the modular and flexible software and hardware concept. Since the market launch of the upgraders – five years ago – the product has undergone continuous further development. The improvements could be implemented directly at the customer’s site through corresponding upgrades of the software application “terminalManager”. Up to now, the chip card (Schomäcker Börse) could be topped up with cash and using the autoload procedure.

New and can be ordered now: Cashless reloading of the card wallet possible
For the new cashless top-up option, the existing hardware is extended by an attractive and compact additional housing. This contains a girocard-module so that the in-house card can be upgraded with a standard bank card. Simply select the desired top-up amount and present the bank card to the girocard-module without contact or via card insertion. The amount is debited directly from the account and credited to the in-house card – and that’s it. Of course, a PIN can be entered for security purposes. Thanks to the new hardware and software options, customers of the RS 56xx series can now also use payment methods such as Maestro, VISA, girocard, V PAY and Mastercard. In addition, payments by bill or coin are still possible, depending on the equipment.

“We have been successful in the field of card-based payment systems since our company was founded in 1978. The trend “away from cash” has been observed not only since Corona. That is why we are now making it possible to upgrade the card wallet with a bank card in addition to cash – entirely in the interest of our customers,” explains Ralf Schomäcker.

Cooperation with PAYONE
The cooperation partner is PAYONE, one of the largest payment service providers in Germany. Thanks to this cooperation, our customers can be sure that all payments are fully traceable. As the leading payment service provider in Germany and Austria, PAYONE provides the network through which the transaction takes place.

Investment protection for existing customers and contribution to sustainability
Investments in a payment system are usually accompanied by high costs because the infrastructure is usually price-intensive. The RS 56xx series is a good example of how an investment made earlier can be modernized through options. This is not only easy on the wallet, but also sustainable.
The existing valorizer is upgraded on site by expert personnel to include the beautifully designed add-on module. Thanks to the same height and color scheme, the upvader and the additional module also form a single visual unit.
In addition, the necessary software adjustments are made for existing customers at no extra cost as part of the maintenance contract. As a result, all customers benefit from the adaptation of the machines to almost all common payment methods.

The RS 56xx series impresses with its ease of operation and a software and hardware concept that can be individually adapted to your needs via add-on modules. This makes cashless payments via girocard, VISA, V PAY and Mastercard possible. But the benefits extend beyond the functional enhancements: the RS 56xx series is also an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to modernize your payment system.