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Cashless payment reduces the risk of infection

Dear readers,
the restrictions in the wake of the corona pandemic are gradually being lifted or relaxed. Life is returning to the organizations – and company catering is gradually opening its doors again. In some cities there is already access to libraries and in some cases face-to-face classes at schools and universities. The large-scale catering trade opens with restrictions, cafeterias and canteens open their doors and ensure the supply of staff, teachers and learners.

Cashless payment is recommended virus protection
The catering industry is recommended in terms of hygiene and virus protection: switch to contactless payment if possible – after all, cash goes through many hands. In the
Corona crises are losing the importance of bills and coins – cashless payment is moving into focus. And of course the topic of data security.

myPurse – the next generation of payments
With myPurse we offer a payment app for the smartphone as a solution. As a closed payment area, myPurse allows, among other things, the assignment of different ones
Prices for different user groups.

This is particularly interesting for organizations the customers based on certain characteristics want to offer different prices (e.g. subsidies for trainees, students or special guests).

The new system saves up to 25% in costs
The use of the new, digital payment system for customers in the catering trade is very simple: download the app, scan the generated QR code on the certified reader hardware and make a payment or upgrade immediately. This solution not only saves users a lot of time, it also relieves the IT departments. Bureaucratic hurdles are removed, data protection is strengthened and the environment is protected. Companies and organizations benefit from this because our payment systems make processes safer, more efficient and more sustainable. The costs for the organizations involved also drop significantly. After the Schomäcker app has been used across the board, cards no longer need to be issued. This saves the organizations around 20-25 percent of the costs.

Sincerely yours

Ralf Schomäcker
chief Executive Officer