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Contactless payment system for different checkout systems

Speed and hygienic reasons speak in favor of cashless payment in cafeterias or canteens. With our hardware and software, we have implemented this wish on the basis of existing POS software in two current projects. Here we show how this conversion can be successfully achieved on the basis of a smartphone app or a card.

1. Key&Pay: WHU University thinks hybrid
WHU equipped the cashier workstations in the cafeteria at its Vallendar location with RS 260 POS terminals. Staff, faculty and students can now pay at the cash registers using both their university card and their smartphone. The necessary app myAuthent can be downloaded from the respective store.
Since we also implemented the university’s modern access system, it is of course also possible to open the doors with a smartphone and university card. Key&Pay is what the university calls the IT program in the digitization of its organization.
“We married the card with the cell phone,” explains Dirk Jonach, Associate Director IT Infrastructure. “The best of both worlds for the users. That’s already unique in the German higher education landscape.”

2. Diakonie Michaelshoven: Fast cash processes
The cashier workstations at Diakonie Michaelshoven are equipped with our latest hardware. With the institute card, which includes a payment function, all students, employees and guests can now reduce their waiting time at the cash desks. The payment process has sped up so much that long queues are a thing of the past.
In addition to speed, hygienic reasons also spoke in favor of the changeover. Cash should no longer be used in the immediate vicinity of the checkout. For this reason, an uploader was installed in the foyer. All guests can use the device to top up their chip cards with cash in self-service mode. All card sales are managed centrally via the Terminalmanager administration software. The consideration of different subsidy levels has also been implemented. Students and employees pay a subsidized price – and guests pay the full price. All that is required for the system to recognize the subsidy is for the card to be presented.
“We were faced with the challenge of making our card payment system secure and modern. In the course of the project, there were many individual tasks to be solved, which were implemented in an excellent way by Schomäcker,” reports Florian Lincke, head of the catering operations.

As soon as the technical details have been clarified, it will be possible to use the smartphone app myAuthent in parallel with the card. The introduction of myAuthent will further simplify the entire payment process.