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Easy and secure payment with app and card

Who doesn’t know the queues when paying? Everyone wants to eat lunch in the canteen at the same time. Hopefully you have the necessary change with you. Why isn’t payment made easier and more secure? Our modern and digital payment system provides a remedy. Our new app myAuthent is particularly suitable for canteens and cafeterias. Because there it’s all about a contactless, secure, and fast checkout process.
New credit can be loaded quickly and easily onto the server account via PayPal, for example, using the app. This is how payment works smoothly: hold the cell phone in front of a card reader, scan the QR code, and the payment process is complete. Especially practical: the cell phone is always with you!
Alternatively, we also offer chip cards for companies, onto which customers can load their credit at canteens, bakeries, or other providers.

Payment solutions with app or card
We offer a holistic system as a combination of hardware and software with a wide range of applications. Because the payment solutions with app or card can be used wherever there are cash register systems. They also work with vending machines, printers or in libraries. Thanks to our modular system, additional functions such as electronic access systems can be added. We are always available to provide our customers with personal advice to help them find the right solution. In this way, cards already established in the company can often be used for expansion. This saves costs. Our customers receive a smooth and low-maintenance system. At the same time, we always emphasize a secure and closed payment space: credit balances are not outsourced, but remain on site and can be used either via a card or the app.

For the entire company: Payment management from a single source
But payment management doesn’t just start at the checkout: We also supply the necessary hardware products for card payments, such as readers or card readers. Our hardware also enables payment at printers and at vending machines for pulling out a chocolate bar or a cold drink. The top-up machines ensure that the card is securely topped up with credit. The cards can be topped up with cash or with a Girocard.

A terminalManager for more safety and control

We attach great importance to the security and integrity of payment data. The web-based terminalManager software product offers a wide range of functions to help companies maintain an overview at all times. You can track all incoming and outgoing payments at the up- and downstream devices, monitor the connected online terminals, and manage all billing data centrally in terminalManager.

Summary: Simple and secure payment
With myAuthent, your smartphone becomes a mobile authentication platform for payment transactions. All you must do is hold your phone in front of a card reader. As soon as the QR code is scanned, the payment is completed. The payment method can be used anywhere in your company where compatible card readers, vending machines or reloaders can be found. In addition, deposits, withdrawals, and billing can be monitored using terminalManager. In addition to cost-effective and intuitive handling, our system also places great emphasis on security.