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Lockdown ended

Dear readers,
A certain routine in dealing with the corona virus is slowly emerging. Some of our business partners have started to free up employees, home office time and get back to work. But far from all! Our top priority is still the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners.

Service and support
During the entire lockdown, our support was fully available to our customers in the usual quality. We have thus ensured that we were able to fulfill the trust in our products at all times.

Current projects
We were digitally well prepared for the situation and were able to switch immediately to home office. Almost all travel activities have been discontinued and many on-site appointments have been canceled. This has led to delays in ongoing projects. There was no personal contact within the company, the so-called floor radio. In this respect, the vote could not take place in the usual way, which also led to delays. We strive to make up the gaps that have arisen by the end of the year. We find that the digital possibilities of communication do not completely replace personal appointments and arrangements.

Current situation
We continue to reduce personal appointments to the bare minimum. However, we will now be happy to attend appointments personally in consultation with you. Our customers decide with us whether on-site appointments have a positive impact on the respective project.

Sincerely yours
Ralf Schomäcker