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Lockers are very easy to operate and manage electronically

Dear Readers,
time and again, lockers and lockers are occupied by users and are no longer opened or the key is lost. – This is now over!
With our electronic locker management you can use and manage your existing lockers optimally.

Cabinet lock RS 1720 – Simple, wireless installation and very easy operation
Our electronic cabinet lock RS 1720 can be wirelessly installed in any cabinet. With little effort existing mechanical locks can be exchanged for electronic ones. These are battery operated and are installed on the inside of the door. Thus they are also protected against vandalism. The mechanical key is exchanged for an electronic transponder.
Handling the cabinet lock is intuitive and child’s play: With the door closed, the user presses in the locking pin with the transponder. The electronics activated in this way checks the authorization of the data carrier for this cabinet. If the rights are present, the lock literally gives a green light through the LED ring and locks the door. The lock is opened again by holding the transponder in front of it. The lock pops open.

mySafe – You manage the time
The requirements for a locker or valuables compartment could not be more different.
We support two operating modes:
Anonymously, these are required e.g. in fitness centers, swimming pools, libraries, museums, etc.
Personalized, during working hours, in a school year or semester.
With mySafe both operating modes can be managed perfectly. Choose the appropriate type according to your needs or combine them. This also works in parallel:

1. freelocker: An access-authorized transponder opens/locks the freely selected locker
2. personal locker: An access-authorized transponder opens/locks the allocated locker for a variably adjustable usage time.

If the usage time is exceeded and therefore the lock can no longer be opened, the transponder can be conveniently unlocked in both operating modes using the administration software mySafe and a USB reader.
If desired, an overdraft or processing fee can also be charged. In this way, you protect the locker from unwanted permanent occupancy.

Locker number forgotten? No problem, this can be retrieved by holding the transponder in front of a self-service terminal.

Lost transponder? No problem, thanks to mySafe a new right to a replacement transponder can be issued.

Extension of the system? No problem, our electronic locker management system is modular and can be easily expanded.

The best at the end
With our software solutions you manage all transponders for different applications: Locker, print and output management, cashless payment in the canteen or at the coffee machine and of course our access control.

Stay healthy!
Sincerely yours
Ralf Schomäcker