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Modern print and output management with numerous features

Caritas Association Munich relies on web-based software solution Q Pilot
The Caritas Association of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising e.V., the largest welfare organization in Upper Bavaria, has introduced a completely new print and output management system as part of a technical consolidation. The task was to reduce the number of printers from the previous 1200 by a good 300 and to standardize the heterogeneous printing environment at the approximately 350 locations of the Caritas Association. The rollout was completed in three months in cooperation with BV-comOffice GmbH.

With Follow-Print, personalized printing via employee card
The print and document management of the entire Caritas Association Munich is controlled via the Q Pilot from Schomäcker Card Solutions.
It ensures secure end-to-end encryption of data communication network-wide and enables user authentication via the LEGIC employee card.
When a print job is issued, it remains in the system until the client prints and collects it from a device. This allows employees to send their print jobs from their workstation and print them at another location. Each print job is only issued when the person authenticates himself at the device with the LEGIC employee card used throughout the association. Only after authentication based on the card is complete does the Q Pilot system release the jobs and allow document printing. If the documents are not picked up by the user with his card after a specified time, the documents are securely and completely deleted from the system.

Focus on document security and transparency of printing costs
For the Caritas Association of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising e.V., the focus was not only on a detailed, cost-related allocation of printing costs, but above all on the issue of confidentiality. The entire process of printing and scanning documents must be securely encrypted. “The employees at our facilities print out highly confidential documents, and with Q Pilot end-to-end encryption, the integrity of the data is 100 percent guaranteed,” concludes Joachim Siegl, head of the Information and Communication Technology department at the Caritas Association of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising e.V.
The system has been very well received by employees. In addition, print jobs have been reduced by 10 to 15 percent, which not only cuts costs but also makes a contribution to environmental protection. Joachim Siegl draws an extremely positive conclusion to the cooperation. “The cooperation with both partners went smoothly and what convinced me about Schomäcker Card Solutions is that not only pure marketing statements are promised here, but that these are individually put into practice.”

Requirements implemented in a service-oriented manner
In cooperation with BV-comOffice GmbH, a specialist for office, media, information and advertising technology, Schomäcker Card Solutions won the corresponding tender. “We decided to set up the project together right from the start because Q Pilot provides the most comprehensive features for this,” reports Christoph Jirikovsky, Head of Key Accounts and Service at BV-comOffice GmbH. “The flexibility and personal project proximity of Mr. Schomäcker and his team convinced us completely”, Christoph Jirikovsky continues.