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myKi – safe and flexible

Dear readers,

In the area of access control, digitization has so far been difficult to imagine. After all, it’s about trust in digital components.
The latest version of myKi is now available, opening up all possibilities for using innovative technology to design processes effectively and securely at the same time.

Secure access management via app
The organization of building entrances is easy and remains secure: With the app of the myKi system, you can, for example, give craftsman access to the building – simply by sending a valid access authorization. The authorization is checked on a secure server system. The craftsman scans the QR code with his myKi app. After a check on the server, the access authorization is granted – or the door remains locked if there is no authorization.

Costs firmly under control
After a preset time has elapsed, the access authorization automatically expires. The circumstance of sending a key by post or the expensive travel times to collect the keys is a thing of the past. MyKi thus helps to significantly reduce the costs of building management.

myKi – safe and flexible
So far it has been the case that everyone who has a key has access. But as the number of doors increases, so do the keys. This is not only cumbersome, but also a security risk. If the key is lost, the lock must be replaced to ensure security. The loss of the master key is even more problematic: the security of the entire locking system is at risk. With the myKi system, any loss of keys can be repaired quickly and cheaply.

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