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mySafe light enables flexible office use

Due to the increase in home office workplaces, the classic office use is being dissolved in many companies. At the same time, dynamic workplaces are gaining in importance. Employees who are temporarily deployed in different offices benefit from this development. In addition, employees can plan meetings and conduct them in an environment that has been explicitly designed for this purpose. But where to put personal belongings and documents?

Requirements for a dynamic office environment
For more than 20 years, Mr. Stubbe has worked as an IT and security specialist for a large accounting firm. As a security technology employee, he is also responsible for access control at the German branch offices. Furthermore, Mr. Stubbe is involved in the conception of new building projects. Currently, a new furnishing concept is replacing the classic office in his company. Accordingly, theme rooms and think tanks, for example, are replacing the rigid, personal workstation. To ensure that employees can safely lock up their work utensils on site, his company uses electronic lockers. These are opened with transponders. According to Mr. Stubbe, digital progress is making it easier to coordinate the locks:

“In the past, my company used normal lockers with a key system. This resulted in a relatively large amount of work in terms of managing the keys and re-procuring and tracking keys. For this reason, we decided to use the electronic locker management system from Schomäcker GmbH.”

mySafe light – the solution
The lockers are equipped with electronic locker locks from GANTNER. In order to obtain the desired function of the lockers, the locks and the employee transponders have been programmed according to the customer’s request. The areas of use of the electronic lockers include lockers in the fitness and locker rooms as well as lockers spread over several floors. Here, locker usage is controlled by means of mySafe light.
Available lockers can be identified by a protruding pin and a two-color LED ring. Simply press the locker lock button with an authorized RFID card and the locker opens or locks. If an employee forgets his or her assigned locker number, it can be displayed using a wall terminal. All that is required is to hold the transponder up to the terminal. In addition, the programming of the locks makes it possible to limit the period of use. This is very helpful in avoiding permanent occupancy by employees. Thus, the availability of the electronic lockers can be guaranteed:

“The aim is to prevent employees from permanently occupying a locker. Here we use programming solutions that allow a locker in the fitness room to be used for four hours, for example. In parallel, an electronic locker for cyclists may not be used for more than twelve hours. If the locker’s period of use is nevertheless exceeded, the employee concerned can be helped quickly. This task is handled by mySafe light with just a few mouse clicks,” explains Mr. Stubbe.

Technical contacts guide through the installation process
Prior to use, a technical contact guided Mr. Stubbe by phone through the installation process of the mySafe light software. Both the various usage options and solutions for problem cases were explained. The briefing was followed by the start-up phase for the new locker management system. Mr. Stubbe was particularly pleased with the ease of use of the software:
“The mySafe light interface is so well designed that even I, as a newcomer, understood it immediately. There wasn’t even a need for instructions or anything like that, it was self-explanatory.”

Conclusion for the future
“I am currently very happy about the cooperation with the company Schomäcker. I am optimistic that we will work on further larger projects and I am looking forward to a good, intensive cooperation in the future,” said Mr. Stubbe at the end of the project.