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Powerful cloud applikation

Dear readers,
together with our customers, we are constantly working on making our products even more powerful.

We discussed the desire to move application software to the cloud in partnership with our customers. After an intensive technical check, we decided: Off to the cloud!

We are selective and decide which applications are suitable for moving to the cloud. We pay particular attention to security. That is why our first decision was made using our CM6 personalization tool. Here we have created a possibility for a customer with 20,000 end users to make CM6 available in a certified cloud.

Short project time
After placing the order with us, we moved the CM6 application to the cloud within less than 4 weeks and thus saved considerable financial effort for the customer. The costs in terms of computing power, storage space and other IT infrastructure could be reduced by about 20%.

Efficiency significantly increased
But it’s not just about security and cost reduction. With the move to the cloud, a much more effective way of working has been created. CM6 is now available as a personalization tool, quickly, comprehensively and accessible from anywhere at any time. An important step into the digital future, especially in times of Corona.
A great success for all project participants!

Sincerely yours
Ralf Schomäcker