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Autoload Recharging System

The autoload system provides an authorization for direct debit schemes and SEPA direct debit mandates for personal bank accounts. When the user signs the SEPA direct debit mandate, his card will be reloaded via the autoload feature by our authorized components. The autoload option will be automatically presented to the user as soon as the credit balance of his card falls below the amount set in the direct debit mandate.

Print Management

Reduce your printing costs, increase device utilization, interconnect your company locations – modern print and output management solutions enhance the productivity of your office workflows by permanently reducing costs. Q PILOT® offers all advantages of a comprehensive cost-effective allround solution. The web-based administrator interface of Q PILOT® makes it easy to centrally control and monitor the activities of all users, devices and activities. Extensive reporting functionalities let you evaluate your cost and utilization structures in full detail.

Card Vending

Modern technologies, high clock speeds, easy to use, robust: Our card recharging systems cover all areas of card-based automated payment transactions. Our latest offer includes terminals with autoload functionality. Those terminals allow for cashless payment via electronic direct debiting and SDD schemes.

Card Management

CM6 facilitates the creation, management and issuance of all kinds of ID badges and cards and automates control of the cards issued all across your enterprise. The clearly structured user interface automates the act of placing the card holder's information (including photograph, coroprate logo and barcode) to the desired position within the card layout. Then the personalized data of the card holder is printed onto the card and, depending on the supported features of the card, can also be stored on the chip. The card can then be issued to the card holder directly after printing.

Self-Service And Validation Station

Adminstrative tasks in educational institutions and hospitals require a large number of staff. The self-service stations for card validation quickly help setting up the infrastructure required for relieving your staff and automating administrative tasks, including the printing of certificates and managing students' re-registration processes.

Payment Management

Reliable when used extensively, provides high clock speeds and flexible system integration: Schomäcker Card Solutions offers cash register terminals supporting all types of modern chip cards suitable for retail locations with high numbers of clients and flexible payment options.

myKi® Access Control

myKi® is an innovative access control system which is ideal for companies of any size as well as for private use. The myKi® access control system combines state-of-the-art software and hardware. The myKi® software simply and intelligently controls all of the online and offline access readers that are configured in the system.

Electronic locking systems

Secure locking and unlocking – locker systems require a high degree of security, flexibility and convenience. Schomäcker Card Solutions offers battery-operated locks which can be installed easily and operated simply with a PIN code and/or RFID tag. RFID technology can be integrated in the myKi® access control system.