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Card Management

Schomäcker Card Management

Easily creates and issues ID badges and cards

Library cards, patient or staff ID cards: With our card management systems you create ID cards for multi-fuctional card solutions. The clearly structured user interface automates the personalization of the card and supports you in placing photographs, personal data, logos and barcodes to the desired position within the card layout.

The data records can be created remotely from the users’ workstations. Those workstations have access to a central printer where high-quality ID cards can be printed and encoded in one step. This combines many complex processes into one simple process. The required data of the card holder is printed onto the card and, depending on the supported features of the card, can also be stored on the chip. The card can then be issued to the card holder directly after printing.

If necessary, the cards can easily be coated with a thermal sensitive foil. Our card management system provides the perfect solution to suit your needs.

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