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CM6 Card Management System

CM6 facilitates the creation, management and issuance of all kinds of ID badges and cards and automates control of the cards issued all across your enterprise. The clearly structured user interface automates the act of placing the card holder's information (including photograph, coroprate logo and barcode) to the desired position within the card layout. Then the personalized data of the card holder is printed onto the card and, depending on the supported features of the card, can also be stored on the chip. The card can then be issued to the card holder directly after printing.

  • Create, issue and manage ID badges and cards in one central place
  • Easily create personalized cards
  • Quickly prepare data records for various areas of application
  • Easy-to-handle editor for integrating optional features
  • Directly capture images and photographs from external sources (including digital cameras, scanners etc.)
  • Enter selected data automatically into the chip card as well as in peripheral systems (including access control, time recording and lending library systems)
  • Effectively control and manage your issued smart cards (including card analysis, locking/unlocking, PIN reset etc.)
  • Monitor the status of terminals and stations
  • Control transaction data
  • Supports MIFARE DESFire EV 1 and other new security technologies
  • Perfectly combines with Evolis Primacy card printer
  • Staff ID cards
  • Student ID cards
  • Patient cards
  • Library cards
  • Windows Server 2003 and higher, Linux Suse / Debian / Ubuntu / RedHAT
  • Client access requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome
  • Database: MySQL, Microsoft SQL 2005 or higher, Oracle, PostgreSQL 8 or higher, LDAP
  • approx. 250 MB disk space
  • RAM: 4 GB mimimum (recommended)
  • Latest-generation dual-core processor or higher

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