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myKi® Access Control

Web-based access controll offers innovative configuration options for commercial and private use

Do you want to replace your conventional locks with a state-of-the-art access control system? Are you tired of dealing with too many keys? Would you like to define specific access profiles and allow selected people to access a specific door? Then meet myKi®. It’s simple, secure and totally flexible.

myKi® is an innovative access control system which is ideal for companies of any size as well as for private use. The myKi® access control system combines state-of-the-art software and hardware. The myKi®software simply and intelligently controls all of the online and offline access readers that are configured in the system. In terms of hardware, we offer a wide range of modern electronic access controllers and options. The myKi® hardware and software increase the functionality and efficiency of your access controls because the entire system is perfectly coordinated.

Secure and flexible

With myKi®, even a small number of doors can be secured with electronic access controls. You can start with just one door and then expand the system as needed – the sky is the limit. From a single door to a large facility with hundreds of doors – myKi® allows you to manage almost any number of doors. You can use myKi® as a server installation or work securely and flexibly with certified smartphones and tablets.

Convenient and transparent

Combine groups of people and doors, and flexibly assign the corresponding access rights. With a lock matrix, you can see which groups of people have access to which groups of doors. You can also visually monitor the state of your doors and integrate door and floor plans. If you are using the online version of myKi® with the necessary hardware components, the system will indicate which doors are open and which are closed.

Easily generate new electronic keys

Electronic keys can be supplied in the form of cards or key fobs. A lost electronic key can be blocked in various ways. The simplest method requires almost no IT skills. With the appropriate programming cards, keys can be blocked without any additional hardware or software. Simply order the relevant electronic keys and hold them up to each lock in a certain sequence. New keys can be activated in the same way. Or ask us about which smartphones and tablets we have certified. Are you already using a certified smartphone or tablet? Then you can quickly and easily block a lost access key with an app on your device. No additional special hardware is necessary. There is no need to change the lock if an electronic key has been lost because the key can be blocked securely. If the electronic key is found again, it can be reauthorised in the same way. If you have installed the server version of the myKi® software application, you can easily manage online doors in real time.

Other advantages of myKi® at a glance

  • Intuitive operation
  • Flexible combination of online and offline management
  • Integrates easily with the customer’s own electronic keys
  • User-friendly smartphone app for management
  • Smooth operation even without additional app/software
  • High compatibility with different operating systems

myKi® Software - Securely and Easily Manage Access Control System

®The many different versions of myKi® mean that our electronic access control system can be used in all types of buildings – from single-family homes to large complexes. Securely and flexibly.

Version with web-based myKi®-Software

With the web-based myKi® software from Schomäcker, you can specify the desired functionalities of your online and offline locking systems right from your desk. The online locking systems can be accessed from anywhere, at all times. With a certified smartphone or tablet, the data can be read from the offline readers and sent to the myKi® software. The data is then synchronized between the myKi® software and the lock’s memory – wirelessly and securely.

Multiple configuration options

  • Specify groups of people and doors
  • Define group-specific dependencies
  • Configure time profiles
  • Grant/revoke administrator rights

Functional screen display

  • Interactive floor plans
  • Clearly arranged lock matrix

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