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RS 1000 Knob module

RS 1000 - Double-cylinder door knob with electronic access control on one end

The RS 1000 is a flexible lock cylinder unit with electronic access control on one end. Can be installed in standard door locks by means of europrofile cylinders (DIN standard). RS 1000 supports user-dependent temporary access rights as well as specific time periods with unrestricted access for all users.

  • Multi-purpose locking system with rotary door knob on either end which is interconnected with a mechanical turn knob on the other end
  • Contactless access control via passive transponder without power supply (chip cards, ISO cards, pendants etc.) or active transponder
  • Supports setting exceptional time periods (e.g. bank holidays) that override the time setting stored on the key
  • Sealed, water-resistant door knob protected in an IP66-rated case
  • Suitable for exterior and interior doors as well as for emergency exists and fire doors
  • Compatible with MIFARE® DESFire, MIFARE® Plus, LEGIC® prime and LEGIC® advant chip card technologies
  • Easy fitting with europrofile cylinders for use in standards door locks (DIN standard)
  • 3 acoustic signal stages give notice of the discharge of the battery (after a maximum of 83,500 closing cycles, actual number of closing cycles is subject to transponder technology used)
  • Installation, deinstallation and battery change requires an appropriate autorization
  • Outdoor area
  • Interior area
  • Emergency exits
  • 13,56 MHz: MIFARE® DESFire EV1

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