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RS 20xx Access Manager

RS 20xx AccessManager - Control panel for electronic access control

The RS 20xx AccessManager series meets today's requirements for modern online access control. The hardware is available in a variety of expansion levels, from the RS 2005 AccessManager for a maximum of 5 doors to the RS 2020 AccessManager for a maximum of 20 doors. For the RS 2010 AccessManager and above, the housing can be supplied for installation in a 19-inch cabinet. After checking the access authorization, the RS 20xx AccessManager supplies electricity to the electric door opener (to be provided by the customer) for the connected doors. No additional power supply is required for the doors. The status LEDs on the front reveal at a glance whether all connected doors are fault-free. The status of each door can be checked in real time via the monitoring contact of the RS 2110. The responsible administrator can be informed if any doors are open. The respective doors will be indicated on the floor plan.

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