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HS 1502

HS 1502 -Cashless Payment Solutions For Washing Machines And Laundry Dryers

The HS 1502 chip card reader allows for time-controlled payment transactions with electrical applicances, including washing machines, sunbeds, and lighting systems in sporting facilities etc. The user just choses an available machine, pays the amount due with his card and turns on the machine. The case of the HS 1502 is extremly robust and thus protects effectively against vandalism. Naturally, the reader also supports Mifare DESFire EV1 cards.

  • Basic device connects to all standard washing machines and laundry dryers
  • Controls up to 16 appliances
  • Each appliance can be provided with an individual pricing model
  • Robust card reader with locking mechanism
  • Sophisticated statistical functions
  • Extensions to the performance module provide for connecting up to 16 devices
  • Modules for contactless card technologies (MIFARE®, and the new DESFire EV1 security cards)
  • Cashless payment solutions for the time-related use of electrical devices

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