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RS 410 Chip Card Reader

RS 410 - Innovative card reader for highest demands

The compact RS 410 device meets all the requirements placed on a modern card reader and can be used in combination with an output device (multifunction device or printer). The resulting unit then requires only one IP address and guarantees end-to-end encryption. The RS 410 is compatible with most RFID solutions.

  • Controller with Embedded Linux supports end-to-end encryption
  • Features 5 interfaces (2x network, 2x USB and 1x serial)
  • Controller and card dispenser require only one IP address
  • Compact design of the reader provides for installation in any position required (internal/external)
  • Contactless reading mechanism for MIFARE®, Hitag® and Legic solutions (other technologies on request)
  • Q PILOT® offers plug-and-play capabilities
  • Document environments with critical security requirements
  • Printout control and document output
  • Office services with are subject to a fee
  • Multi-functional card solutions
  • Controller dimensions: approx. 160 x 120 x 30 (L x W x D)
  • Reader unit dimensions: approx. 95 x 75 x 20 (L x W x D)

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