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RS 56xx Card Reloader

RS 56xx – A card revaluator for even more convenience in payment transactions

Autoload is technically equivalent to a SEPA direct debit mandate. The user registers once with our TerminalManager and determines the amount of the card to be loaded at one of our RS 56xx terminals. We support Autoload at all online terminals.

It is also possible to use a Smartphone at almost all online terminals in conjunction with myPurse.

In this way, cashless payment systems can be established cost-effectively in the area of printing/copying or payment in the canteen.

Of course nothing happens on the RS 56xx without the user’s consent! If the credit balance during the payment process falls below the specified minimum amount (e.g. 5,00 Euros), an upgrade can be agreed and the card/background account is automatically upgraded by a specified amount. The amount is debited via the SEPA mandate.