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myPurse - the next generation of payment

With myPurse we offer a future-oriented payment platform for a closed payment area.

This has the advantage over other mobile payment methods that different prices for different user groups are automatically taken into account at our terminals.

This means that myPurse fits perfectly with all institutions that offer their customers different prices due to certain features (e.g. subsidies for trainees, students or special guests).

The fees usually payable per transaction are also minimised or do not apply to cash payments. The background account on the server is filled with the user’s preferred payment method. We currently provide PayPal and SEPA as standard. A cash deposit via our revaluator series RS 56xx is also possible.

Now simply load the myPurse app onto the Smartphone, scan the generated QR code on the certified reader hardware (RS 260, RS 910, RS 56xx) and use it to make the desired payment.

Simple, convenient and secure. The administrative work at the cash registers/payment machines is reduced and waiting times are shortened.

In conjunction with the autoload procedure, the user ensures that his background account is automatically recharged whenever the remaining credit falls below an individually defined minimum value. It could not be simpler.

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