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Project work at adabay GmbH

Modern office use with myKi
Our working world is constantly changing. The tasks to be accomplished become more complex, the most different areas of a company have to be integrated and above all controlled. For this reason, project work is becoming more and more important.
There are numerous programs that simplify project management. Through our access management, the hardware – the personal office situation of the company – can also be integrated into the project management.

Daily update of authorizations
The company adabay GmbH is one of the leading digital media agencies in Munich. Their field of activity includes professional web presences, app development and online marketing.
To meet the customer’s needs, each task is solved as a project work. The projects are complex and teamwork is required. Office space must be organized in time for meetings. Important video or camera equipment must be stored safely and at the same time be available at all times.
In order to optimally occupy the meeting rooms and to make the best use of the expensive equipment, the company adabay GmbH uses our access control system myKi.
Each employee has an electronic key – a transponder – on which his personal authorizations for the use of rooms/lockers are stored.
When entering the office, the authorization required for the day is stored on the transponder in real time via an online wall reader. Both the access rights for the doors and the usage rights for the lockers are thus regulated on a daily basis and according to need.

One locker for several project participants
Usually, each employee has access to one locker. Sometimes, however, it is necessary for a locker to be used by several project participants. Important documents, expensive video equipment, customer-owned laptops, etc. are stored in the cabinets and access is controlled by myKi. Only authorized employees are granted access when they enter the office or have it revoked when the project is complete.
“When we moved to our new offices, we also opted for a new access management system. Now, in addition to the doors, the lockers are also integrated into the locking system. Meeting rooms and lockers are managed according to need. Freelancers and interns can easily be integrated for the duration of their work. Thanks to the reliability and good availability, administration is no problem for me,” reports Philipp Molnar, system administrator at adabay GmbH.

Project affiliation, meeting dates, scope of non-digital project documents, etc. can change daily, but employees are always up to date when they enter the office.