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Q Pilot in new design

With Q Pilot, we offer a modern print and output management system for secure document output and corporate-wide cost control of print, fax, copy, e-mail and scan services.

Q Pilot application
Q Pilot has been successfully supporting the business processes of corporations in a wide range of industries for over 10 years. Not only educational institutions, financial service providers or retail, but also companies in the technology & telecom-munications industry use Q Pilot for process optimization. Over the course of time, the product has grown considerably and has adapted to the requirements of the market. But individual functionalities have also been taken into account in the new version. According to the motto: Not the processes adapt to the product, but the product adapts to the given processes.

Q Pilot release
With Q Pilot 5, we are now entering a new era: The entire web interface has been extensively modernized in a long development process and now also offers an up-to-date ambience from an administration perspective. Likewise, new functions found their way into release 5, from which all our customers benefit greatly.

Highlights of the new interface

  • The web interface is compatible with all current browser types like Chrome, Edge, Firefox or even Safari.
  • The web interface has been replaced by a new graphical user interface. Administrators can track live system activity, such as number of print jobs or credits.
  • Use the search field below the Q Pilot logo to find all available pages and configuration settings.
  • Better adaptation to different screen sizes.
  • Parallel actions through dialogs: Functions are no longer displayed as exclusive pages, but as embedded dialogs.
  • Logical grouping for faster access to related settings, such as Devices & Device Classes or Scan Basic Settings & Profiles.
  • The use of up-to-date runtime environments and libraries ensures a high security standard.