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Health Sector

The growing market orientiation of health-care facilities calls for constantly optimizing the workflows involved in patient and staff management. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the pioneering process automation technology. It enables the automatic identification and localization of objects and persons and facilitates the exchange of data. Schomäcker Card Solutions offer a wide range of RFID solutions in the field of patient management. Our combined hardware and software systems provide cost-efficient solutions to enhance patient autonomy, optimize your locker and access control management systems and give structure to your information management applications in public areas.

Manufacturing and Trade Industries

Excessive color printouts and documents left in the paper tray of the printer: Networked office printer systems represent both a cost factor and a security risk. As various studies have demonstrated, enterprises often lack the control mechanisms for avoiding factors like these. And yet, the TCO can be easily reduced by budgeting and controlling the document output accross the enterprise network. At the same time additional security is provided as the user has to authenticate himself at the device. The size of the enterprise and the number of office systems in use are of no significance here.


Due to our modern information society libraries increasingly turn into efficient and highly productive information service providers. Especially people living in urban environments expect librarians to support their information requests in a competent manner. In order to meet the customers' demand and at the same time run their businesses efficiently, libraries more and more automate their media borrowing and adminstration tasks using the RFID technology. However, there is still a great deal of potential for further enhancing the automation processes. Whether it be cashless payment transactions, personalized access control, print management, and locker management – Schomäcker Card Solutions provide cost-effective RFID and smart card solutions for modern, customer-focused libraries.

Universities and Student Services

The quality of teaching and learning is a crucial aspect in the global competition among universities. The high expectations of students and academic staff rival the tight university budgets; but despite the financial difficulties, universities seek to maintain the competitiveness of their campus sites. In the IT sector and the related service offerings of universities higher quality and cost savings can only be reached with networked systems and automated services. For more than 30 years Schomäcker Card Solutions offers multi-functional card solutions for educational institutions and has outrivaled its competitors in gaining insight into the various processes that universities manage. Our combined hardware and software systems provide cost-efficient solutions to enhance student autonomy, simplify the control of printer and copier devices across locations and offer enhanced options for the universities' automation processes.