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Manufacturing and Trade Industries

Q PILOT® – Modern Printing and Output Management

Q PILOT® offers a state-of-the-art print management and cost control system that ensures the safe output of your printed, copied and scanned documents throughout your enterprise without losing sight of costs. Our systems enable enterprises to automatically break down their printing costs by users and user groups and assign them to the desired cost center. Detailed price lists can be created for monochrome and color prints, DIN A4 or DIN A3 format copies and scan services and a clearly structured expense report can be generated. Accounts can be easily created via the web-based Q PILOT® administration tool. The LDAP interface supports accounts to be created automatically. The accounts can be setup with individual user rights for the devices’ services. Color printouts can be budgeted and assigned to the respective cost center.

Q PILOT® seperates the location for issuing a printing job from the location where the actual printing takes place. The user receives his document printing approval just after having authenticated himself at the desired device. The authentification prevents confidential documents, such as employee data, calculations and tender documents, from being stuck in the printing queue and ensures that no document is printed without being supervised by the respective owner. After a specified period of time the printer server automatically deletes all enterprise printing jobs that have not been run yet. If a multi-functional printer is busy the employee can instead chose a less frequented device thus continuing his work without major interruptions. In addition, Q PILOT® records every incident and directly notifies the administrator responsible for the device via an error message.

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Incidentally: When used together with staff ID cards Q PILOT® can be embedded in a comprehensive card solution featuring access control, locker management and cashless payment systems.