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Stuttgart City Library goes digital

With its modern architecture, the library on Mailänder Platz – the central library of the Stuttgart City Library – is considered one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. The gallery hall extends over several floors and its bright architecture invites you to read, learn and linger.

Library card as RFID card
In total, Stuttgart Public Library – which comprises a central library, 19 district libraries, a traveling library with two bookmobiles and a learning mobile – has more than 100,000 active users, all of whom have an RFID library card. The cards are issued in the central library on Mailänder Platz at the two service counters on the ground floor. Payment of fees takes place at one of the two automatic pay stations, and media can be borrowed and returned at self-checkout terminals.

Automated payment for copying services
In order to also provide cashless payment for printing and copying services, the municipal library opted for our hardware and software solution. As part of the cooperation, we provided the already existing library cards with our electronic purse.
Recharging takes place at the recharger on the first floor and is self-explanatory for users. Insert card, deposit cash, and the card is upgraded.
“Visitors really appreciate the time saved because the card is loaded in self-service and not at a cash register – and we appreciate the system because all components work trouble-free!” says Ms. Judith Gregor, head of the EDV department.
Visitors can easily retrieve their printouts at any printer in the public area of the building, and payment is simple and fast via the card readers installed at each printer.

Q Pilot – print and output management system
Following the introduction of Q Pilot, self-service printing is now possible throughout the building. The system supports the library users by linking the personal printouts to the number of the library card and via a web interface each user has access to his personal print account.

Relief for the staff
If the money loaded on the card is to be paid out, this can also be done easily in self-service, because the refunding of the card balance also takes place at the valuer. Insert the card, select the “Pay out money” menu item, and the cash can be taken from the dispensing slot. The machines are staff-independent and are available at all times during the library’s opening hours.
As a result, staff are relieved and more time is left for other tasks.
“The project was implemented to our complete satisfaction. Our users can print and copy without cash. The cooperation was really great!”, Ms. Judith Gregor is pleased.

Outlook: myAuthent
With our solution, the prerequisites for the changeover to mobile payment with smartphones have already been met. In conjunction with the myAuthent app, the Stuttgart Public Library will also be able to rely on smartphone payment in the future or operate both card/app solutions – as a hybrid payment system.