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The hardware for all cases

Dear readers,
The topic of cashless payment did not only concern us in the Corona times. For this reason, we were able to offer our customers appropriate solutions with our hardware and software long before the infection broke out. We have used the time to further improve our offer to you.

The RS 260 is the all-rounder in our portfolio.
The hardware that is ready for anything. The terminal is the basis for our customers to be able to choose freely between different media. Regardless of whether RFID technologies (e.g. Mifare or Legic) or the smartphone are used. The technical basis allows us to offer the right solution to all of our customers’ requirements.

Made for now, prepared for the future
The hardware is powerful and open to all future applications we plan. Even the parallel operation of cards, smartphones or entering a PIN on the touch panel are supported. This makes the RS 260 perhaps the best investment protection one can buy.

Safety is important to us
Can be connected almost anywhere, whether at the cash register or at the printer, the RS 260 with our apps guarantees the protection of privacy and payment security. Communication with the corresponding software applications takes place using the latest encryption methods. All transactions, regardless of whether they were triggered by card or smartphone, are traceable and transparent.

Nice design, powerful hardware
With its 5 “full color touch display, all information can be presented clearly and concisely. Operation is intuitive because it is supported by clear graphics. In addition, the free interfaces, the gigabit switch and the support of different card technologies bring a high degree of flexibility. Internally, there are other ways to implement things that we haven’t even thought of today.

We look forward to showing you the further improved RS 260.

Stay healthy!

Sincerely you
Ralf Schomäcker