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Dear readers,
often we lack the impetus for change. Everything works, and we have learned to live with the disadvantages. We are critical of innovations. That is why we would like to present a practical project to you today.

Initial situation
With about 800 members, the Motorsport Club of the Braunschweig Police is part of the ADAC e.V. Lower Saxony’s largest local ADAC club. There was a classic cylinder locking system with one master key and several individual keys (suitable for the rooms of the individual departments). This resulted in a complex key management with a low security level. In case of key loss, high costs were incurred, because only a prompt and complete replacement of cylinders and the keys could restore security. For the clubhouse with three separate entrances a secure, but in its handling also simple solution of an access control should be found.

From now on the clubhouse locking system will be controlled by the intelligent access control software myKi. The mechanical door handles have been replaced by electronic double knob cylinders – instead of a key, a transponder is now used to open the doors.

Thanks to myKi, access can be granted or denied. Instead of “yes” or “no”, there is also “but”. In this case, the access authorization is reduced to a certain time window – for example, for cleaning personnel who are only supposed to enter the clubhouse on certain days, at certain times. Members, on the other hand, should have access to the clubhouse in principle and at all times. Depending on the department to which they belong, members are also granted access to the required club rooms. Individual access authorizations are also possible. Only the technician is allowed to enter the technician rooms. These doors cannot be opened for other persons.

Courage to innovate
Have we aroused your interest? We would be happy to work with you to find a solution to your problem and then make you a non-binding offer.

Stay healthy!

Sincerely yours
Ralf Schomäcker