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We stay at home!

Dear Readers,
we wish you all the best and, above all, good health for the new year 2021. To all of us, we wish normality soon.
Also this year we would like to inform you about our new products and about current topics. We are very much looking forward to it.
In the current situation, it is advisable to work in a home office if possible. We, too, are making intensive use of the possibilities offered by the home office.
Fortunately, we were already pushing ahead with digitalization before the Corona pandemic, which makes it much easier for us to work from home. In our daily work situation, we now notice that we can’t completely do without printers or scanners either. This is where Q PILOT® with all its possibilities proves to be a helpful software product.

Granting print authorization – delegation
Do you need to print important documents or need access to records? If you can’t be there yourself, why not use the print job delegation function? This allows you to give one or more people access to your print jobs. This way, you can have important business documents printed without having to be personally present in the office. Conversely, people who are present on site can also give you access to documents.

Q PILOT® supports numerous scan destinations
Q PILOT® supports you with comprehensive scan workflows. As scan targets, Q PILOT® offers the popular e-mail with attachment, the classic drive, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. You can easily access these in the home office and thus gain insight into business documents received in the office or other documents that are needed but not yet available digitally.

Are you interested in our Q PILOT® print and output management system? For more information, please visit our homepage at or feel free to contact us.
We would be pleased if we could support you in your daily work and make your workday easier.

Stay healthy
Sincerely yours

Ralf Schomäcker