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What’s new in 2020?

Welcome to our news. From now on we will publish a newsletter at irregular intervals. With it we would like to inform you about products, changes and news. We are pleased about praise and constructive criticism and wish you informative lines.

The new Multitalent

The RS 260 forms the basis of our future technological orientation in the field of authentication. Equipped with a full colour display with touch function and optional USB interface. The entire technology is built into a modern housing. A motorized feed reader for RFID or magnetic cards is optionally available.
The RS 260 can be used flexibly. Either as an on-table version in different areas of application or as a terminal on different devices.

High investment protection

There are different RFID technologies on the market and sometimes there are reasons to exchange a previously used RFID technology for another one. Now the use of mobile devices like smartphones is added. The change from one technology to another has been associated with the change of the entire hardware and therefore expensive. In future, the RS 260 can be equipped with a multi-reader module. With the Smartphone the connection via our apps is possible. High investment costs in new hardware are no longer necessary.

RFID or Smartphone? Both!

Our myAuthent App will be available from the 2nd quarter of 2020. The RS 260 is already compatible today. Smartphone or RFID authentication and payment of services are supported with the RS 260 either separately or in parallel. You decide what should be possible and determine the right time. Our specialists are responsible for the technical implementation. They will be happy to give you competent advice and support you during the implementation.

App support soon in all products

From now on, we are working to ensure that all our products not only offer RFID, but also smartphone support. We are not only concerned with pure authentication, but also with the processing of payments. We are already able to support a wide range of services with both technologies.

  • Connection to copier/printer
  • Recharge of € amounts in self-service
  • Connection to PC cash register systems
  • Connection to SB devices for catering